Pickles and Oreos... Together?

Pickles and Oreos are both big food trends right now, but as much as you may love each one. Have you ever considered combining them? Innovator Bill Kelly did and the frankenfood is now for sale at Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop.

Kelly says he put a thin slice of pickle inside a classic Oreo sandwich cookie, but then he covered it with chocolate, because he says, “everything is better covered in chocolate!!” And while he’s not wrong about that, the idea of a pickle Oreo is still a little strange.

According to Kelly, the taste of the pickle isn’t too “overpowering,” but just enough to add a little saltiness to the sweet cookie. Feel brave enough to try one? They’re available in a three-pack from Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop online for $9, along with other goodies for pickle fans, including pickle candy canes and pickle cotton candy.

Source: Delish

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