WORST First Date Questions

We want to show the best version of ourselves on a first date, but sometimes just knowing how to communicate with this person who could potentially become your boyfriend or girlfriend is a challenge. Getting past the awkward small talk can help, but you don’t want to cross over into getting too invasive too soon. To help us avoid giving our date the wrong impression, relationship experts suggest not asking these questions on a first date.

  • “What's your relationship like with your parents?” -Dating experts advise steering clear of overly personal questions like this the first time you go out.
  • “Why did you and your ex break up?” -No matter how curious you are about their past relationships, bringing this up so soon can ruin your first date and any chance at a second.
  • “What's your favorite position?” -Your first date isn’t the time to get into dirty and explicit sex talk, it’s just too much too soon.
  • “How can you work in a job like that?” -Do you really want to make judgy comments or questions about this person you’re just getting to know?
  • “Why weren't you a better friend?” -If your date does open up and share a personal story, asking questions like these that can shame them or make them feel guilty is not cool. Remember, the point is to feel good.
  • “Do you always wear this much makeup?”- If you don’t have something nice to say, just don’t say anything at all, so avoid commenting about your date’s appearance unless it’s a direct compliment.
  • “Do you want a relationship?” -Getting too serious too soon could turn your date off, so hold off on asking about the future on a first date. Even if it’s going really well, it’s just too soon to say.

Source: Business Insider