Breakup Simulator to Help Practice Dumping Someone

Sometimes you’ve only been seeing someone for a little while and you can already tell that initial spark has fizzled and things aren’t going to work out. You may want to end this casual thing quickly and may even be tempted to just ghost them and be done with it, but there’s an alternative that can help you not be that jerk while also letting you practice what to say first.

The Quartz Breakup Trainer lets you rehearse the breakup and perfect that whole, “it’s not you, it’s me” text before you hit send. It’s a chatbot that uses artificial intelligence, so you can’t hurt its feelings and it offers insights from dating and relationship experts, so you get advice on how to be better at breaking up.

The simulator puts you in a hypothetical situation where you’ve just gotten a text from somebody you’ve only gone out with a few times and aren’t interested in seeing again. It offers you multiple choice options for how to respond and hints on how to proceed throughout the conversation.

  • The idea is to be clear and concise while making the point that you’re not interested. Because as dating coach Carmelia Ray,who helped create the chatbot, says, “You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.”

Source:Men's Health

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