Every Little Effort Helps Your Fitness Goals!

Trying to hit the recommended 150-minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 75-minutes of vigorous activity per week that the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association advise isn’t always easy. But research reminds us that the small stuff counts, too.

A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that even low-intensity activities like washing dishes, walking the dog, and even walking around the office all count toward fitness goals. Even if you’re only doing it for a few minutes, or a few seconds, it all adds up. And that’s great news for those of us who regularly don’t hit that 150-minute mark of weekly workouts.

“Basically, all activity is helpful, not just higher-intensity activity done in bouts of at least 10 minute sessions,” explains study co-author Dr. I-Min Lee.“Previous activity guidelines required this 10-minute minimum, but new scientific evidence such as this study indicates all activity counts.”

So don’t forget to count the everyday, easy stuff you’re doing. Walking the dog and washing the dishes now count as exercise and that’s a win-win for sure.

Source:Runner's World

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