The 20-Minute Rule

Have you heard of the “20-minute rule?” It’s something successful women swear by to “productively grieve” their losses and it can be applied to all kinds of situations to help you get over something in a hurry.

Say you apply for a new job and you just know it’s THE JOB for you. It’s the perfect position you’ve been waiting for and after you apply, you feel good thinking you got this. But then you get the letter saying, “Thanks for your application, BUT…” At this point, give yourself 20 minutes to wallow and feel sad and sorry for yourself. Grab the Ben & Jerry’s, listen to some depressing tunes, or whatever makes you feel good while mourning your loss and set your timer. Because after 20 minutes, that’s it. After that, it’s time to get up and get back at it.

No one enjoys rejection and its disappointing to not get something you wanted, or to lose something you had. But this 20-minute rule gives us a way to mourn our losses productively and then get back to making things happen. After the 20-minutes, it’s time to clear your mind and your space of negativity, wipe the slate clean and reset. Is it easier said than done? Sure, but take the reins back and remember you got this, no matter what rejection you’re getting over.

Source:The Every Girl

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