Your Favorite Playlist by Kyle McMahon

Kyle McMahon's playlist Your Favorite Playlist is updated every Monday with 50 free songs on the iHeart Radio app. From current pop chart toppers to classic dance songs and everything in between, it is sure to be Your Favorite Playlist!

I've been waiting for this feature to launch and it's finally here! iHeart Radio On Air Talent Playlists! Every Monday I update my official iHeart Radio playlist: Your Favorite Playlist! Your Favorite Playlist has my favorite songs I'm listening to that week from pop, rock, hip-hop, dance and every other genre you can think of. I load Your Favorite Playlist with new songs, classic songs and everything in between. From Madonna and Post Malone to Mike Posner and MAX, I really think you'll find a lot of incredible music to enjoy!

All you have to do is go to the iHeart Radio app and save Your Favorite Playlist! Each Monday, you'll get 50 songs to listen to all for free!

Listen to Kyle McMahon every Saturday and Sunday 10a - 3p eastern on 92.9 TOM-FM or the iHeart Radio App. Subscribe to the Pop Culture Weekly podcast and check out You can follow him on FacebookTwitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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