Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Star Talks Making Beloved Book Into Movie

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Star Natalie Ganzhorn Talks Turning The Beloved Book Into A Movie on Pop Culture Weekly with Kyle McMahon

Note: This article contains a minor spoiler for the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark film.

Natalie Ganzhorn was supposed to die. At least, her character was. She plays the iconic Ruth in the the film version of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. If you've read any of the three wildly popular books in the series by Alvin Schwartz, you know that Ruth meets an untimely demise in one of the fan favorite short stories. Executive producer Guillermo del toro was so impressed with Ganzhorn however, that he made the controversial decision to keep her alive in the film.

For episode 28 of Pop Culture Weekly, I talk with Ganzhorn about this decision and why del toro decided to make the call. She said, "I'm very lucky to end up getting a little bit more character development then originally planned. That was really exciting for me. It opens the door to a lot of possibilities."

With the success of the film, those possibilities now include a sequel. Ganzhorn is excited about the experience and the future, "It was the craziest, coolest experience of my life...I have never really had the opportunity to do scenes like I was doing. It was challenging and fun and exciting. The best way to describe it It is a dream come true", she said.

In the latest episode of Pop Culture Weekly, Ganzhorn and I discuss filming the movie and how important it was for the entire crew to stay true to the beloved books. You can listen to the entire interview along with my interview with Kid Quill on his two new singles right here on the iHeart Radio app.

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