Half of All Couples Don't Cuddle in Their Sleep. Do You?

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love being cuddled up close to their partner all the time and those who like their personal space. And according to a recent survey, some couples don’t even steal a snuggle before turning in for the night.

Casper, the mattress company, asked 1,000 Americans how they prefer to sleep with their significant other. And they found that 46% of couples say they like snoozing without touching each other at all. It’s actually the top choice for those surveyed, beating all other options, including spooning and intertwined limbs. This “no contact” sleep position was a favorite of both men and women pretty much equally, but younger couples between ages 18 and 24 weren’t as big on it as other age groups.

So what does this lack of touching say about these couples’ connection? According to human attachment researchers, this is a sign of a really strong bong. Psychotherapist Arianna Smith says couples mostly sleep this way when they feel close and safe with each other. So if you don’t like touching your sweetie when you sleep because you’re too hot, or they move too much, or any number of other reasons, it doesn’t spell doom for your relationship and may just help you get a better night’s sleep.

Source:Women's Health

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