You Can Rent an Igloo!... For Over $100k a Night

So if you are someone who has always dreamed about spending the night in the most northern part of this world, have we got a trip for you. 

A temporary hotel site is opening at the North Pole beginning in April 2020 and will be offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventurous explorers. South-facing window pretty much guaranteed.

Only about 1,000 explorers a year make the trek to the desolate, uninhabited Arctic. Normally, they’d have to bring a tent along with the many supplies required to survive the hostile environment. Not anymore as you will now be able to stay in your very own igloo for just$105,000 a night.

Guests of the North Pole Igloos will be equipped with a cozy cabin, en-suite bathroom, an on-site manager, a wilderness guide, chef and even hotel security. 

Source: CNN

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