Man Moves in With Shelter Dog to Help Get Her Adopted

Sometimes it takes a long time for animals to be adopted from a shelter, so one man in Kansas City is doing something extreme to try to get one dog adopted.Scott Poore has moved in with a three-year-old terrier mix named Queen at the Great Plains SPCA in Merriam, Kansas and he plans to stay there as long as it takes to help her find her forever home.

Poore hopes that by living with Queen at the shelter and bringing attention to her story, it will help Queen, who has been at the shelter for 400 days, the longest of any animal there. He says he’s not sure why she’s not getting adopted, but that it could be “a freak situation after a string of bad luck.” And he says he can’t adopt her, even though everyone wants him to, but he had a dog at home already and Queen’s perfect home would have no other dogs.

"I’m gonna stay here until we find her not just a home, but the perfect home," Poore says.

Source:ABC News

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