Woman Leaves Husband For Their Wedding DJ

You never know where you’ll find love or who you’ll find it with. Just ask 26-year-old Megan Willis, who met 49-year-old Mark Stone and hired him to DJ her wedding in July 2016. But things didn’t work out with her husband and they ended up splitting.

“My marriage ended because I wasn’t fully happy,” Willis explains. “My husband was addicted to a video game and that basically became his life and I was basically non-existent.”

The newlywed was living in New York, but after she left her husband, she was back home in Maryland and ran into Stone the DJ again and shared her relationship troubles with him. She says talking with him helped her realize that she shouldn’t have to beg for her husband’s attention. Once her divorce was finalized in 2018, she moved to North Carolina and Stone followed her there.

Now they’re in love and the 23-year age difference isn’t really an issue. Willis says, “I’m an older soul and he’s a young soul, so it’s almost like we meet in the middle and it’s perfect.”

Source:New York Post

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