Woman Disguises Herself as a Bush to Take Engagement Pictures

Some siblings will do just about anything for each other, even if that means dressing up like a bush to capture a wedding proposal.

A Wisconsin man, Andrew Philibeck, planned on proposing to his girlfriend Rachel a couple of months ago. He also realized how close she is with her sister Therese. So he thought it would be great if she was included in the plan. 

The idea was for her to hide nearby dressed up as a bush or something in order to remain hidden but could also take pictures of her reaction. 

He ordered a "ghillie suit" for her, which is one of those things you would see hunters wear to blend in with the background. Therese agreed to wear it and the plan was hatched.

He picked a spot in a wooded area to propose and her costume was so good that he didn't even know if she had made it to the proposal but right after the sister said yes, Therese screamed out and nearly scared the both of them to death. 

She posted the photos and story online and now it's gone viral. 

Source: BuzzFeed

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