Couple Gets Engaged at Six Flags Coffin Challenge

The Six Flags 30-hour Coffin Challenge returned this year and had couples spending 30-hours straight in a coffin to win $600 and park passes. Not only did they have to stick it out, they had to work together on some difficult and some disgusting mini-challenges. But it wasn’t all bad and one couple ended up getting engaged.

The Coffin Challenges happened at different Six Flags parks across the U.S. and they were slightly different, but at Six Flags America in Bowie, Maryland, couples had to share an extra-wide coffin. Anthony Hobbs and Shanell Hawkins were one of those couples who went for it. They suffered through mini-challenges including eating a special hot sauce called “The End,” along with mealworms and something called “stinky fish.” But Hobbs says he wasn’t really worried until they brought out the Madagascar hissing cockroaches. His girlfriend is terrified of them, but she managed to eat them like a champ.

They also had to ride the Firebird roller coaster six times in a row while wearing goggles that blurred their vision, but in the end, they won! Hobbs popped the question to Hawkins and they got their $600 prize. He says the coffin challenge was symbolic for them because “it represents the death of their past and the beginning of their new life together.”


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