Failing in Your Career Early On Could Be Linked to More Success

Getting fired from a job early in your career can feel like the end of the world, but new research shows it can actually be good for your future. What seems like a massive setback could give you a professional boost on the long-run, according to a new study.

Researchers from Northwestern University found a connection between people who deal with early career failures and success later in life. Scientists analyzed data on students who applied for financial grants from the National Institutes of Health and split them into two groups: those who were short of getting the funding - aka the “failure” group - and those who received the funding - the “success” group. Then they looked at the number of studies each group published and how popular their studies were over the next decade.

And it turns out, those in the “failure” group were 6.1% more likely than their peers to publish a hit paper. “Those who stick it out, on average, perform much better in the long run,” explains lead study author Yang Wang. “Suggesting that if it doesn’t kill you, it really does make you stronger.”

Source:Women's Health

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