People Sharing Their Biggest Text Fails

We’ve all sent a text to the wrong person, but you’ll be happy to know your’s probably wasn’t the most embarrassing one. Whisper put together a list of the biggest wrong text fails and we’re sharing… and shaking our heads.

  • “I accidentally sent my mom a video of me on prom night having sex. I was literally grounded for the rest of my high school days.” He’s still mortified.
  • “SO…my grandma is from New York. I accidentally sent her a 9/11 meme that was pretty offensive. When I called her to explain, she was crying.”
  • “I went to text my best friend to complain about my mom and I sent it to my mom. I was in middle school and there were cuss words.”
  • “I sent a penis picture to my mom that was intended for my best friend. She didn’t even know I was having sex at the time, so that was not a fun conversation to have with her.”
  • “I sent a sext to my grandma instead of my gf once, but she never replied or brought it up. Bless her!”

Source: Whisper