Playmobil Launching Scooby-Doo & Back To The Future Sets

In Kyle McMahon's continuing coverage of New York Comic Con 2019, he talks with Playmobil marketing manager Sarah Person about exciting upcoming lines including Scooby-Doo and Back To The Future

I'm continuing my whirlwind coverage of New York Comic Con 2020 for Pop Culture Weekly and it continues to be one amazing experience after another. As I was perusing the exhibitors, I had to stop at the Playmobil booth to see what awesome stuff they were coming out with next. I spoke with Sarah Person, marketing manager for Playmobil, about what we can expect.

There is an awesome lineup of Scooby-Doo product coming in January 2020 from Playmobil. The line-up includes many of the classic characters including Scooby-Doo himself, as well as Shaggy!

Of course, we can't forget the ghosts that often make up the show. Person told me, "Scooby-Doo is based on ghosts who were always people. It fits perfectly with the Playmobil brand because we’re all about figures." The sets are awesome and fun and will be a great collectible for people of all ages.

The iconic Mystery Machine will also be coming out, along with a large Mystery Mansion. "Then in the fall we’re going to launch even more sets including the big Mystery Mansion….it’s going to have lots of secrets and trapdoors and it’s going to be really cool.”, Person said.

In May of 2020, Playmobil will be launching a new line of Back To The Future sets including larger 6" figures of Doc and Marty. There will be variants of the duo in their 50's gear and all of them will be available in the classic Playmobil size as well.

Keep up with the latest on Playmobil on their website or get to buying on the Playmobil Amazon store!

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