Work Habits That Hurt Your Career

No matter how long you’ve been in the professional world, it can be challenging to know how to act or respond in some workplace situations. Office environments can be so different from each other, what worked at your last job may not fly at your new one. And the thing is, even if you’re doing your work perfectly, your attitude and people skills can affect your career.

You may not even realize it, but these things you’re doing or saying at work could be hurting your career:

  • You're creating a negative image of yourself- Don’t bring up your own insecurities that put you down, like “I know I don’t have a lot of experience.” Give people a chance to form their own opinions of you by letting your actions speak for themselves.
  • You're treating the office like your home- Do we really need to remind you that personal grooming, eating bad-smelling foods, promoting religious or political beliefs, or wearing inappropriate clothing at work is a bad idea? Consider this your reminder.
  • You're only managing up- Building relationships with people at or below your level is just as important as connecting with people more senior who you think can help your career.
  • You're not leaning on others for help- Ask questions, get their advice on projects, and check in with your team to get feedback.
  • You're assuming instead of asking- You know what they say about assuming? Don’t be that person and ask when you’re not sure.
  • You're taking on more than you can handle- It’s nice to be the person anyone can come to for help, but not if you’re taking on so much that nothing gets done as well as it could be.

Source:Business Insider

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