Introducing Hallmark Channel Themed Monopoly

Does your happy place include watching a feel-good Hallmark Channel movie about small towns and happily ever afters? Then brace yourself because a board game celebrating those sappy and addictive flicks is coming. The Monopoly Hallmark Channel Board Game comes out October 25th and it’s full of all the things you love about the films.

This special edition game comes with Hallmark-themed tokens, including ice skates and a dog, and a seasonal board, where players can go sledding or to the county fair. For the competitive Hallmark fans, there’s a bunch of title deeds and 32 cottages and inns to buy up, because it is still Monopoly.

So you could take a break from binge watching the Hallmark Channel to enjoy a quick game or it may be the perfect thing to play over the holidays with a Hallmark movie playing in the background. And either way, you could get that happy ending you’re hoping for.

Source:The Stir

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