Tips for a Successful No Spend November

You’ve probably heard of No-Shave November, but what about No-Spend November? The idea is basically to cut back on buying anything that isn’t a necessity for the month. And after 30 days of being frugal, you’ll have a better handle on your finances before the holidays roll around in December.

So where do you start? Try these tips to help you save money during No-Spend November.

  • Remove temptations- Unsubscribe from your favorite stores’ emails about sales and deals and try to avoid shopping situations that could lead you to spend.
  • Plan out the big events- If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’ll have higher food bills, but you can cut back by not buying new decorations or a new outfit.
  • Get to coupon clipping-Load up on chances to save, but remember that just because you have a coupon for Cheez-Its doesn’t mean you need to buy them.
  • Fight cravings- An easy way to save? Make your own healthy meals at home and pass on restaurants and take out.
  • Take stock of your gift cards- If you still have a stash of gift cards from last Christmas, now’s the time to break them out and use them … as long as you have enough on them to pay for your entire purchase.
  • Cut back on your vices- So no Starbucks trips or happy hour drinks after work. No-spend November is the time to become best friends with your home coffee pot and drink the bottles of wine you’ve stockpiled.
  • Change your social scene- This month will be low-key weekends and nights at home, so you can catch up on Netflix and reading, unless you want to go out and stick to drinking water.
  • Put on those walking shoes- Save on Ubers and gas by walking where you need to go. It’s just one month of being thrifty, you got this.

Source:Hello Giggles

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