How to Get Over a Breakup

Ever hear of the “turkey dump” phenomenon? It’s when high school sweethearts split over Thanksgiving break during their first year of college and the trend extends way beyond coeds. The fall is filled with couples second-guessing their relationship status and breakups are pretty common this time of year. So if it’s happened to you and you’re just trying to survive, this six-step guide to getting over a breakup may help.

  • Step One: Wallow Your Socks Off.There’s no wrong way to do this, just feel all your feelings, write sad diary entries, cry if that’s your thing, eat ice cream, and just basically give in to the emotions.
  • Step Two: Partake in Some (Legal) Stalking.Get all your Instagram investigating out of the way early on, so you don’t want to do it later. Your detective work may help remind you why you weren’t meant to be to begin with.
  • Step Three: Life-Affirming Friend Time.With your wallowing and Internet stalking out of the way, it’s time to enlist help from your friends who’ve been patiently waiting for the cheer-upping to begin. Invite them over to either never speak of your ex again or to talk about your ex all night long. They’re ready to support you either way.
  • Step Four: Get Down With a DFMO.You probably don’t feel like a night out yet, but it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and leave your Netflix nest. Whether or not your evening includes a dance floor make out is up to you, but it’s highly recommended.
  • Step Five: Lobby for a Hobby.Now that you have all this post-breakup time on your hands, you’ll need something to do, like a hobby. Take a pottery class, join a book club, or actually start going to yoga class to take your mind off the breakup and maybe even meet new people.
  • Step Six: ROAD TRIP!The final step is to get out of town, either alone or with your besties. Get your music ready, plan a scenic route, and enjoy gas station snacks as you celebrate your new singlehood.

Source:Man Repeller