Therapist Gives Controversial Advice on Cheating

f you cheat on your partner, it’s always best to come clean, right? Not according to Dr. Ruth Westheimer. The legendary 91-year-old sex therapist says that in most cases, if it’s just a one-time indiscretion, it’s better to keep the affair to yourself.

As she puts it: “I don’t believe in honesty at all costs.” Dr. Ruth adds that if you have a few drinks and cheat, and then regret what you’ve done, you shouldn’t tell your significant other because it could ruin the chance of your long-term relationship lasting.

And if you think getting your infidelity off your chest will make your partner feel better?Think again.Telling may make the cheater feel better for being honest, but it could leave their S.O. feeling bad about themselves and killing the relationship. "If you did a one-night stand because you had too much to drink and never saw that person again,” she advises. “Keep your mouth shut.”


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