Petition Seeks to Cancel School the Day After Halloween

As excited as everyone is that today is Halloween, it’s still a week night and that means the kids still have school tomorrow. But some folks don’t think they should have to go to class the day after the candy-filled holiday and they’ve signed petitions on in support of cancelling school on November 1st.

Across the state of Florida alone, there are petitions going for many school districts, including Broward County Public Schools, Miami-Dade County Schools, Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk County schools with thousands of signatures each. And it’s not just the Sunshine State that wants the day off, there are similar petitions happening for schools across the country. While it might be nice for the kids to have the chance to recover from a sugar hangover, those in charge aren’t making changes to the schedule.

Even with all the online support, school districts are issuing statements clarifying that school will still be held as usual tomorrow. In a Facebook post Polk County Schools explains that they “respect the spirit of grassroots activism behind the petition,” but their doors will be open. They joke, “Our school nurses will be ready to assist you with any candy-elated ailments when you return … on Friday.”


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