Easy Tips to Help You Save Money

It’s not easy to save money with all the one-click purchases, Instagram ads, and $6 coffee drinks tempting us. So if you need a little help growing your accounts, here are some easy ways to help make it happen.

  • Abide by the “24-Hour Rule”- Avoid the regret of buying something spur of the moment by holding off on discretionary purchases for 24 hours. Waiting may help you realize you don’t really want it anyway.
  • Hang out with the right people- If your crowd likes to go to fancy dinners or to a swanky bar with $19 cocktails, you’re probably going to spend more money. It’s herd mentality. But if you find like-minded folks to hang out with, they can help you stay within your budget since you won’t feel pressured to spend.
  • Automate your savings- It’s always easier to save when you don’t even realize you’re doing it, so set up scheduled monthly deposits into a savings account.
  • Name an account after your child- Make your savings goal as tangible and personal as possible by naming an account after your kid, something like “Ella’s security fund,” so each transaction has an emotional link and you’ll be less likely to take money from it.
  • Pay in cash- Budgets only get you so far, but forcing yourself to only spend the decided-on amount of cash you have actually keeps you from overspending.
  • Limit the number of credit cards you carry- Only having one or two cards in your wallet will cut down on the urge to splurge and make it easier to track spending.
  • Treat yourself- Hit a savings goal or paid off a huge bill? Reward yourself for your hard work and it’ll help good habits stick.
  • Wrap your credit card- Make a credit card sleeve from a photo of your kid, that way every time you pull it out, you see their face and that may help you remember you’re saving for their braces, college, or family vacation and don’t really need that Venti latte. Hey, it’s small, but it all adds up!