Trick-or-Treater Giving Up Candy Goes Viral

Leslie Hodges set out a bowl of candy on Halloween so kids could grab some as she took her daughter trick-or-treating. That set up a selfless act.Jackson Champagne was going door-to-door in costume with his aunt, when they came upon Hodges home. The bowl she set out was empty. Most kids would be heartbroken, but not Jackson.

Instead, he took some of the candy he got trick-or-treating and put it in that bowl. Hodges’ Nest camera caught the kind act on video and she shared it on Facebook. She was uplifted by watching it and said "This has got to give hope to everyone that there are still amazing people in this world. What a selfless act from this little guy! ❤️ Kudos to his parents!!!" Kudos indeed. The video showed Jackson’s aunt encouraging the good deed.

Source:Pop Sugar