Co-Workers Buy Woman Walking 12 Miles to Work a New Car

Sometimes people keep hardships to themselves. It turns out letting others in on it can make miracles happen. That’s what Darlene Quinn of South Carolina found out. Her car broke down months ago, so she’s been getting a ride to work, but has had to walk 12 miles home every day. It wasn’t until FedEx co-worker Josh Lewisand a boss saw trudge along a busy road that they found out what was up.

Then the two started giving her rides. Josh didn’t think that was enough after she finally told them her story of not being able to afford to fix her broken car. Lewis and the boss started a GoFundMe to raise money for a new car for Darlene. In one week, about 100 people donated enough money, so Josh worked a deal with a local dealership and last Tuesday, Darlene got her car! It doesn’t stop there. A local business is giving her free oil changes and another tire services. Quinn was moved to tears.

Source:USA Today