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According to ET's eyewitness, Cabello appeared really connected with the crowd and performed flawlessly at the Apple Music event -- despite falling on stage. The singer quickly recovered from the fall, and joked about it with the audience. "The one time I regret not allowing phones. That was funny as f**k!" the eyewitness says she exclaimed at the event, which didn't allow fans to bring cell phones. Cabello finished closing her set and said her heartfelt goodbyes.

Cabello later took to her Instagram Story to assure fans she was alright. "The rumors are true," she said. "I fell on my f**king a** tonight. Actually, I think it was the hardest fall I've ever had. It was about a six-foot, seven-foot fall. But I didn't feel it because the adrenaline was so high on stage that I could probably get hit by a truck and be like, 'Are you guys having a good time!?'"

source: https://www.etonline.com/camila-cabello-gushes-over-first-kiss-with-shawn-mendes-during-special-performance-135544

It's official:Jason Momoa will do just about anything for "art!"

The 40-year-old actor took to Instagram, revealing just how far he went for his new Apple TV+ series,See. The video shows the former Game of Thrones star preparing for a fight with a Kodiak bear by letting it eat a Golden Oreo from his mouth.

"The things we do for our ART," he captioned it. "SEE. Is out. Please watch on Apple TV+. The bear needs to know your scent. So here’s my cookie kisses big guy. Love you tag. Aloha Baba Voss."

source: https://www.etonline.com/jason-momoa-lets-a-bear-eat-an-oreo-from-his-mouth-the-things-we-do-for-art-135533

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