Mom Creates "Mom Cave" Under Her Stairs

When you’re a mom it’s hard to find time for yourself, and it’s even harder to find a space that you can enjoy on your own away from your kids. Well, one woman went to a bit of an extreme to get just that, but it’s also pretty amazing.

Jessica Pool said that after having her third child, and suffering from post partum depression, she realizedeveryonein her house had a place to escape for some quiet time alone...except for her. Her kids had their rooms, while her partner,Matthew, had his shed...she had nothing.

That’s when she decided to clear out the tiny storage space under their stairs. She then spent about $22 converting it into a phone-free mom zone, her own little reading nook with calming candles and mood lighting. "Sometimes us moms need somewhere we can escape to,” Pool shares. “And still be near the children to look after them.”

  • And while the kids know the “Mom Cave” is just for her, she doesn’t ban them completely, although they don’t tend to come in. She notes, "They are pretty understanding, there's nothing in there for them to do.”

Source:Fox News

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