Tips for a Healthier Holiday

When you’re trying to eat healthy, the holidays can really throw you off. From tempting treats in the office to heavy holiday meals, it’s not always easy to stick to your plan. But you don’t have to avoid all the fun festive foods the season has to offer and stick to green juice and salads if you follow these tips from nutritionists for having a healthier holiday.

  • Don’t save up for a big meal- Lots of us have been tempted to fast before a big holiday feast, but registered dietitianMaya Fellerwarns that “saving up for the meal can backfire.” She suggests listening to your body when you’re hungry and snacking on something healthy like almonds or plain yogurt.
  • Don’t deprive yourself- Registered dietitian Nicolette Pace advises indulging and enjoying during the holidays otherwise you risk overeating in the long run. “If we don’t eat what our body is craving, it will be on our minds and we tend to overeat — especially during the holiday season,” she explains. The holidays are temporary and a few extra cookies or cabernets won’t kill you.
  • Contribute healthy foods to parties- You’ll always have nutritious options to snack on if you bring your own goodies to the festivities. So load up a platter with hummus, veggies, and cheese to offer healthy choices alongside more indulgent ones.

Source: PureWow