Blind Man Who Asks for Descriptions of Dogs Gets an Overwhelming Response

Blind dog-lover Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff reached out to members of the Dogspotting Society Facebook group with a request and they didn’t disappoint. He asked for dog descriptions of their pets, so he could picture the animals in his mind. He pointed out that personality traits, like how soft the dog is, are more helpful than colors.

And other dog-loving strangers have been eager to help. His post has gone viral, with thousands of comments with descriptions of dogs of all shapes and sizes pouring in. People have shared everything from the strength of their dog’s tail wag to the softness of their coats and Stephen is loving all of the feedback.

“I am grateful for all of the responses and that people take time out of their day to describe their dogs,” he writes. “I am thankful for this group.”

Source:Daily Mail

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