Worst Day to Grocery Shop for Thanksgiving 2019

Want to have a stress-free (or at least LESS stressful) Thanksgiving? It turns out, it all starts with hitting the grocery store at the right time. So much goes into preparing for the holiday, having a solid strategy can help you have a smooth, successful dinner and knowing when to do the shopping is the first step.

According to the book “Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America,” there’s one day we should avoid going to the supermarket to buy the fixings for the turkey dinner. It seems the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is the absolute worst day for grocery shopping for a turkey and everything that goes with it. This year, that day is Tuesday, November 26th.

The book explains that everyone assumes Wednesday - the day before the holiday - will be a bad day to shop, so they try to beat the crowds by going on Tuesday. And while you could take your chances and wait until Wednesday to stock up, you risk the best options being picked over or running out. So when is the best time to grocery shop for Thanksgiving? A week or so before Turkey Day, if not earlier.

Source:The Daily Meal

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