The Parenting "Salary" Calculator

Somehow parenting is both the most rewarding and most thankless job around. We love the fun and magic of raising kids, but when we stop to think about all the things we do for them, we realize just how much it is. Unfortunately, being a parent isn’t a paid gig, but if it was, the salary would have to be huge.

And now we can figure out just how much we should be getting paid with a new calculator that determines your supposed “parent salary.” To find out yours, you enter the city you live in, how many hours a week you spend doing eight different jobs - like cooking and laundry - for the kids. What is it? Find out with this handy Parent Salary Calculator.

The calculator generates a “salary” by considering what the closest professional equivalents for the jobs are and it does the math to tell you what you’d make in a year IF you were paid for all those parenting tasks. It gives you the annual salary as well as the hourly breakdown of rates per job based on where you live. You still won’t get paid for all that work, but it might be nice to know how much you’d earn for being the driver, personal assistant, therapist, and more.

Source: PopSugar

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