Guthrie Police Share “Eddie Elf’s” Arrest

a sitting elf

a sitting elf

Guthrie, Oklahoma Police Share “Eddie Elf’s” Arrest - it sounds like Eddie Elf should’ve stayed on a shelf.

The Guthrie, Oklahoma police department shared, tongue in cheek, the arrest of Eddie on Facebook, and it’s going viral. The post shares that Elf had too much eggnog...way above the legal limit.

It goes on to say that among his antics, he replaced bottles of water with snowman urine, shorted out a single bulb in strings of Christmas lights across the city, on top of numerous charges of stalking and spying, snorting snowflakes and stealing tinsel to support his sparkly underwear side-business. He was found turning all the radios at a nursing home to "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer."

Bail was set at 300 candy canes and he was ordered to be placed on the naughty list for no less than one year. Elf's bond was posted by a very fuzzy green "man" and his antlered dog.