What We Missed: December 19th 2019

First let's start with a little debate! What are the holidays without awkward debates?

The Washington Post posses this question: "Should a married 86 year old man be sending letters to an ex if his wife's mental health is failing?"

That's a hard No for me. Cheating is never right and you have a moral duty to your significant other to be loyal no matter what. What say you?

Next....this could possibly be the most poorly put together list ever: "Christmas Horror Movies even Scrooge would approve of!"

1) what kind of a list is this? (source: https://www.okwhatever.org/topics/culture/christmas-horror-movies)

2) How can you make a list of Christmas Horror Movies.....and put Jack Frost on the list......WHAT?!?!

3) Where is Krampus?! It came out December 4th 2015, It's a legit Christmas horror movie....I'm speechless!!!

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