Study: Taking Walks Could Help Improve Sleep Quality

Desperate for deeper sleep? Taking more walks could be the key. The idea that exercise and sleep are linked isn’t new, but it turns out, you don’t have to be a gym rat or run marathons to get the sleep benefits being active brings. According to new research, even exercise as simple as walking more could make snoozes more restful.

A study from the Psychology Department at Brandeis University observed 59 participants over four weeks and during that time, had them increase their daily steps. Researchers followed their daily activity levels with a Fitbit and tracked their sleep quality and found that on days they were more active than average, they reported sleeping better. This was true for both men and women, but the low-impact movement helped women more than men.

So how many steps are we talking here? Not as many as you might expect.Alycia Sullivan Bisson,part of the research team, explains, “The average step count among the 59 volunteers was about 7,000 per day, which is a little more than three miles a day of walking.”

Source:Real Simple

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