Best Workouts for Different Times of the Day

Trying to exercise more in 2020? Depending on your body clock - whether you’re an early bird or a night owl - you may want to switch up your go-to gym routine to get the most out of your time. Dr. Kianoush Missaghi, Training Specialist at Leading Fitness App Freeletics, suggests these workouts for these times of day to exercise efficiently.

What’s the best workout to do…

  • First thing in the morning: cardio- It kick starts your day by waking up your muscles, getting your blood pumping, heart rate up, and revs your metabolism. Missaghi recommends a run, jog, or brisk walk as the best morning workouts.
  • At lunchtime: a HIIT workout- If you’re working out midday, you’re probably short on time, so a quick, full-body high-intensity interval training workout is advised. This type of exercise can also boost productivity and energy levels for the rest of the day, which means no mid-afternoon crash.
  • In the evening: Strength training- Missaghi says at this time of day you’ve “got the power and energy to smash your way through a tough workout and push your body.”
  • When you’re hungover: a LISS (low-intensity steady state) workout- It happens to the best of us, but if you want to get in some activity instead of lounging on the couch with Netflix all day, a LISS workout could bring the endorphin rush you’re looking for. Cycling, climbing on the Stairmaster or steady rowing can ease the effects of a hangover, so you can sweat out the toxins in alcohol and recover faster. But if you really overdid it last night, Missaghi says it may be best not to work out at all.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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