The Real Bros of Simi Valley Stars Talk New Season

In the latest Pop Culture Weekly, Kyle McMahon talks with The Real Bros of Simi Valley stars Jimmy Tatro & Christian Pierce.

The Real Bros of Simi Valley debuted on YouTube in 2017 and immediately racked up tens of millions of views and tens of thousands of comments, becoming a viral smash. The show follows the adventures of four best friends ten years after graduating high school living in the same town and doing what they've always done. In the four episodes that made up the first season, the show spoofed blockbuster franchises like The Real Housewives Of and Jersey Shore to hilarious comedic effect. Now, with its third season debuting on Facebook Watch consisting of 11 episodes, the creators realize just how big of a show this has become.

Series creators Jimmy Tatro and Christian Pierce weren't expecting the series to take off like it did. In my interview with the writers and stars for Pop Culture Weekly, Tatro said, "Honestly, with this show, I never really saw this as being something that we were going to pursue and turn into this big of a thing." Pierce followed up, "I thought this was going to be the one we made before the one we made. This was going to be the test run for a real series."

The marketing for The Real Bros of Simi Valley has similarly taken off. Each of the characters has their own Instagram page, where the actors post as their character. Fans are eating it up with hundreds of thousands of followers and a seemingly infinite amount of comments. Pierce states, "They have developed so many idiosyncratic qualities. Like they are real people....They're still growing as characters in their own respect."

Real Bros of Simi Valley's Jimmy Tatro & Christian Pierce interview with Kyle McMahon

Fans of The Real Bros of Simi Valley can look forward to a new episode from Season 3 every Friday at noon on their Facebook Watch page, while curiosity seekers can start from the beginning on Facebook. Listen to the whole interview with The Real Bros of Simi Valley stars Jimmy Tatro and Christian Pierce on Pop Culture Weekly.

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