What Coffee Creamer is Your Zodiac Sign?

Your Astrological Sign Is Being Paired With Coffee Creamer- With so many coffee creamers on shelves, there's a new way to pick the perfect flavor.

International Delight teamed up with an astrologist for "coffee horoscopes." Celebrity astrologist and The Astrology Zone founder, Susan Millerknows what pairs best with your sign… and it’ll even get you through Mercury Retrograde!

The flavor for Aries is Cinnabon, Taurus pairs with Chocolate Caramel and Gemini's go best with Southern Butter Pecan. Those with a Cancer sign might want to opt for fan-favorite French Vanilla while Leo's are fit for White Chocolate Mocha.

The Hazelnut flavor matches with Virgo's, it's White Chocolate Raspberry for Libra and Scorpio's pair with Amaretto. Irish Creme goes to Sagittarius while Capricorn's pair with Cold Stone's Sweet Cream. The Aquarius sign fits with Caramel Macchiato and the new Birthday Cake flavor matches Pisces.

Thanks to Millennials, horoscopes are trendy, so it's natural to pair them with coffee...right? 

Source:Daily Mail

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