This Site Allows Kids to Track the Easter Bunny

Want to make Easter even more fun for your kids? Let them track the Easter Bunny’s movements before the holiday, just like they track Santa at Christmas. Easter may be a little different this year, but this activity will help keep the little ones entertained.

Here’s how it works: Starting at 5am ET on “Easter Eve” – aka Saturday, April 11th– have the kids log on to Easter Bunny Tracker. It will show his hourly movements as he makes his way around the world to deliver treats to kids.

The tracker shows how many baskets the Easter Bunny has delivered, how many carrots he’s eaten, the last stop he visited, and how fast he’s going. It updates in real time and gives his precise location using a sophisticated system involving radar, satellites, spotters in the field and other high-tech gear. The kids will love watching the Easter Bunny get closer and closer to their house, and if you’re lucky, it’ll help you convince them to go to bed on time, too.

Source: Woman's Day

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