Benny's weird news: Aaron Carter & His Ex Girlfriends new career!

Once upon a time, a young Benny attended a concert at Kahunaville. It was Benny's first ever concert, the first of many....yet also....the most forgettable. Aaron Carter took the stage and performed, from what i remember, a largely bleh set. Well flash forward 20 years and Aaron Carter has resurfaced in the news cycle for a....very wild reason!

Melanie Martin, Carter's ex girlfriend who is currently pregnant with his child, has made her grand debut on live streaming porn site CamSoda last week, and we hear she “performed” with “new girlfriend Vero.”

Carter “is going ballistic,” claims a source. “He originally wouldn’t allow her to have her computer,” but we hear CamSoda provided equipment. Carter’s rep tells us this is “fake news.”

The singer questioned his paternity in a recent interview, saying Martin was “doing things behind my back she shouldn’t have been doing.”

Aaron Carter.....what happened to you!?