Daily DIY - Quarantine Date Night Ideas

Spending your anniversary in lockdown may not sound romantic, but it could be. You won’t be able to escape on a trip or hit the town to celebrate, but there are ways to make it special, even during quarantine. Here are some creative at-home anniversary date ideas.

Get Creative

  • Movie date night- Instead of just watching Netflix, make a “Movie Theater” sign, include a theme menu featuring your partner’s favorites, and don’t forget the popcorn.
  • Take a virtual trip- Travel to where you went on your honeymoon or your favorite place to visit and include food and drinks to go with your online destinations.
  • Livestream a concert- There are tons of new “virtual” concerts to check out online and plenty of old performances on YouTube, too.

Get Nostalgic

  • Recreate your first date- Take it back to the beginning by making the first meal you shared, including as many details as possible. Bonus points if you add a bottle of wine from the year you got together.
  • Redo your first wedding dance- Playing your song and slow dancing with your love is an inexpensive and thoughtful way to show them how much you care.
  • Have a prom night- Even if you never went to prom together, get dressed up and pretend you’re going to one now. Play some dorky music, make a corsage and add some balloons and streamers for the full effect.


  • Spa day- Create a relaxation day, starting with breakfast in bed, followed with self-care treatments, like face masks, a mani/pedi, and massages.
  • Sip and paint- Open a bottle of wine and spend time together while you recreate an image you both love by painting it. No artistic skill required.
  • Handmade cards- Store bought cards are fine, but taking the time to write out why you love your partner is better. Need help getting started? Think about your favorite memory, something you love about them, a trait you value in them, or something that reminds you of your partner.

Source: Good Morning America

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