*LIST* The Top Health Products For 2020

When you head to the drugstore for health items, how do you know you’re buying the best product out there? Well, you could do a lot of research, or you could just check out “U.S. News & World Report’s” just-released list of the 2020 Top Recommended Health Products.

The list, made in conjunction with “Pharmacy Times,” was compiled based on recommendations of thousands of pharmacists for nearly 1,000 over-the-counter brands across 135 product categories. 

This year's top products include:

  • Headache: Excedrin
  • Cough suppressant: Delsym
  • Cold remedies: Cepacol
  • Flu products: DayQuil Cold & Flu
  • Oral antihistamines: Zyrtec
  • Antibacterial soaps: Hibiclens
  • Hand sanitizers: Purell
  • Insect bite and sting management: After Bite
  • Eczema care/relief: Eucerin
  • Sleep Aids: Unisom
  • Toothpaste for General Use: Crest
  • Sunscreen: Neutrogena
  • Children's allergy: Children's Zyrtec Allergy Syrup
  • Children's cough and cold: Children's Delsym
  • Children's analgesic: Children's Tylenol
  • Children's sore throat: Chloraseptic Kids Sore Throat Spray

Click here for the complete list. 

Source: U.S. News & World Report

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