The COVID Wedding Calculator to Help Couples Plan

The pandemic has forced thousands of couples to postpone or cancel their upcoming wedding plans and has left them scrambling to figure out how to proceed. But now there’s a new tool created to help them out. Joy, a wedding planning website, has come out with a COVID Wedding Calculator to help future brides and grooms whose nuptials are being affected by the coronavirus.

The calculator helps couples figure out the chance their wedding plans may need to change. It asks them to enter their wedding details and then gives them an overview of options they may want to consider changing. It looks at factors including wedding date, number of guests, venue type and whether air travel is required and bases advice on public health guidelines, social distancing recommendations, size limits for gatherings and travel restrictions.

Once couples have the results, they can modify responses to map out scenarios and changes made for each one, to come up with a plan they’re comfortable with. There’s still a lot of uncertainty out there, but Joy says their goal is to “provide couples with the tools and information they need to make decisions they feel confident in.”


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