Daily DIY: Hack to Give You More Closet Space

Lots of people have been using their extra time at home over these last few months to get organized. And for some, that means sorting through their overstuffed closets and trying to make room for their clothes. If you’re one of those who can’t find anything in the closet or put clean laundry away because it’s so jam-packed with hangers, you may feel like giving up and just closing the door. But it turns out, there’s an easy way to multiply the hanging space in your closet and all it takes is some empty cans.

The hack was shared by “Cosmopolitan” on TikTok and their video shows how to create more room for hangers in your closet using the pull tabs from cans. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by removing the pull tabs from empty cans. Cosmo recommends using five to 10 to start with.
  • Next, take one of your hangers and slip the tab over the top of the hanger and slide it down.
  • Then, hang another hanger onto the metal loop on the tab.
  • Repeat this a few times. Cosmo suggests hanging items in groups of three, so that would be the starting hanger, plus two hangers hanging on tabs.
  • If you go with that method, you could triple the hanging space on your closet rod.

One thing to keep in mind? The order you hang the garments. You’ll want to keep the longer things, like maxi dresses and skirts, on the starting hanger so they don’t bunch up on the floor.

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