Mom Creates Principal Mom's "Morning Announcements" For Her Son

Even though this school year looks a lot different than others, one mom is doing her part to keep some of her son’s school traditions going. Deb Plafker’s 17-year-old son, Max, is starting his senior year with remote learning, but she’s still delivering “morning announcements” – just like the school would. Except these are from “Principal Mom” and they’re done on the California family’s home intercom system.

Max’s sister, Jamie, is sharing videos of their mom’s announcements on TikTok, where they’ve gone viral. “Welcome student, to the first day of online school,” Principal Mom says in one clip. “Just a reminder: lunch today is whatever you make yourself.”

The whole thing started as a joke in their house when they were kidding around about the funny things that would happen during online school time and Jamie and her mom decided to turn them into some entertainment on TikTok. In the videos, Max doesn’t look thrilled at his mom’s humorous announcements, but the millions of views they’ve gotten on social media show that other people are loving them.

Source: Good Morning America

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