Daily DIY: The Button Mask Hack to Keep Your Glasses From Fogging

Wearing a face mask isn’t so bad, but the way they make your glasses fog up? That’s beyond annoying. Luckily, one woman from the U.K. is sharing her simple hack for helping to stop her glasses from getting foggy while she’s wearing her mask. And all it takes is a button.

The trick was shared by Nic Jamon Facebook and it involves sewing a button onto a face mask, so that the glasses can sit slightly further away from your face. “Bespectacled peeps,” she writes in her post, “I sewed a button onto my face mask so my glasses can rest a bit further away from my face, but not slip off. No more fogging up or constantly adjusting.”

People online are loving the easy hack, with some commenters calling it a game-changer. But if you’re looking for alternatives to also keep your glasses fog-free, try these suggestions from Ceri Smith-Jaynes with the Association of Optometrists:

  • Put a folded tissue inside your mask- Fold it into a strip and put it on the top edge of your mask to stop the warm, moist air from rising.
  • Make sure your mask fits well- Get one with a wire across the top of the nose that you can adjust to the contours of your cheeks and nose.
  • Adjust the loops- Secure a more snug fit by twisting or knotting the ear loops before putting them on.
  • Try a quality anti-fog spray- They’re not all created equal, so splurge on a good one from an optician.
  • Keep your glasses warm- Your lenses will fog up more if they’re cold, so try warming them in your pocket a little before putting them on with your mask.


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