Your Ideal Best Friend, According to Astrology

ven if you’re not reading your horoscope every single day and making life choices based on it, you may have done a little Googling to see how compatible you are with your sweetie’s sign. Lots of us are curious about what the stars say about our love lives, but what about our friendships? Astrological compatibility isn’t totally accurate, according to astrologer Lisa Stardust, but she says there are certain signs that make the perfect friendship duo and these are each sign’s most likely BFF.

  • Aries- This fire sign is a perfect match with the air sign Gemini because they both love to talk and communicate.
  • Taurus- A supportive Virgo and the big-hearted, reliable Taurus make great besties because they both like to have fun and cut loose, which can make them closer.
  • Gemini- Virgos are also ideal BFFs for Geminis since they can “think and talk their way through any situation,” according to Stardust.
  • Cancer- Scorpios and Cancers can easily become tight because they like to have a good time and feed off each other’s feel-good energy.
  • Leo- Another adventurous and passionate sign - Sagittarius - understands Leos best since they share an artistic and creative understanding of each other, which the astrologer says can “lead to an unbreakable bond.”
  • Virgo- The ultimate BFF for this sign is a Scorpio because they both like to get to the bottom of things and will find talks about the truths they’ve uncovered “intense and totally fulfilling.”
  • Libra- An eccentric and intellectual Aquarius is the perfect bestie for the Libra as these air signs love to connect over art and music.
  • Scorpio- This sign gets along well with several different types of people, but an intuitive Pisces makes an ideal friend because they’re both “extremely magical and instinctual,” plus, they respect others emotions and boundaries.
  • Sagittarius- Aries makes a dynamic duo with a Sag, Stardust says, because “they’ll have lots of laughs and inspire each other.”
  • Capricorn- Known for being ultra-practical, this sign’s BFF match is an adventurous Gemini thanks to their shared hard-working approach to life and being able to enjoy the results of that labor together.
  • Aquarius- Also unlikely to be besties? Independent Aquarius and Leo. They’re opposites who attract and can offer each other loyalty and a shoulder to cry on.
  • Pisces- This intuitive sign is a perfect match for an emotional cancer. The astrologer says these two love exploring together and share tastes in food and booze, which makes their adventures more fun.


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