WATCH: School Teacher Goes Viral for Baby Shark Math Lesson

Some teachers will do pretty much anything to help their students learn, like Ashlee Skelton. This second grade teacher in Texas was giving her all to a math lesson for her virtual learning kids and a video of the creative instruction has gone viral.

Skelton’s teaching partner Hannah Roddy heard the kid’s song “Baby Shark” playing through their shared classroom wall and went to check it out. She walked over to Skelton’s classroom and found her dressed in a shark costume dancing around as she was recording a math lesson on greater than and less than numbers. Roddy thought “this is hilarious!” so she recorded Skelton in action and shared the video on TikTok.

But she never imagined the response it would get. Roddy says she posted the video near the end of the day and by the time she finished her 30-minute commute home, it had 10-thousand views. That number has kept climbing and now nearly 20-million people have watched it! “This is what teaching is,” Roddy explains. “We do this kind of stuff every day.”

Source: Good Morning America

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