How to Boost Your Mental Health With Fashion!

As nice as it’s been to work from home wearing our favorite t-shirts and stretchy pants, some of us may be getting stuck in a lack-of-fashion rut. But Tan France, the fashion and style expert from “Queer Eye” is here to guide us out of it. He reminds us that when we wear something that makes us feel good, it can change our mindset for the day. Even if your office is now your living room, why not boost your mood with what you put on your body? Tan says go for it and shares these tips for using clothes and accessories to lift your spirits while working from home.

  • Opt for a bold color or interesting print- France admits he “loves a good print,” so it’s no surprise that’s his first suggestion. He says if you can find a print that makes you feel happier and more playful than basic black clothing, “always go for it.”
  • Aim for feeling polished, but comfortable- Instead of looking at your work clothes as separate pre- and post-lockdown categories, he advises finding a happy medium of items that make you feel at least a little polished and professional, without giving up comfort. Think clothes with a little stretch, a little looser fabric, or something a little oversized.
  • Add some of your favorite accessories- Even when we’re working from home, Tan wants us to add some accessories to our comfy outfits. So if you have a scarf or a pair of earrings that make you feel happy and confident, put them on, even if no one is going to see you.
  • Give yourself permission to wear your ‘nice’ clothes- While you’re dusting off your accessories, you may want to rethink some of the clothing you’ve put in the “too nice” or “too fancy” for everyday wear section. Not formal dresses, but the stuff you save for special occasions that you could enjoy wearing at home. “Not many of us have special occasions in our lives - we’re just chilling with our friends,” Tan explains. “Are you going to waste something that would make you feel so good?”

Source: Real Simple