Scary Movie Workout Game

It's like a drinking game... but healthier!

  • When there's a jump scare: 5 squats
  • When there's blood or gore: 5 pushups
  • When you get scared and have to look away: 15 second plank
  • When a car won't start: 10 jumping jacks
  • When you hear a chainsaw: 10 second wall sit
  • When you think something scary is going to happen but it's a false alarm: 10 butt kickers
  • When someone is possessed: 10 glute bridges
  • When someone decides to investigate and winds up dead: 5 tricep dips
  • When someone tells someone about a weird occurrence and they don't believe them: 5 lunges (each side)
  • When the story ends with the family burning the house down: 10 arm circles