Disney Celebrates Home Alone 30th Anniversary With Gingerbread House

Disney is celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Home Alone.” The iconic house from the classic 1990 comedy starring Macauley Culkin has been recreated in delicious gingerbread – just in time for the holidays.

To celebrate three decades since Kevin McAllister’s home first hit the big screen, an artist has taken the Christmas gingerbread house to the next level. Award-winning artist and cake designer Michelle Wibowo teamed up with Disney-Plus to tediously recreate the house down to the very last detail, as an edible gingerbread house standing at just over 5-point-five-feet.

The project took nearly 300 hours, but Wibowo says she “jumped at the chance” because “Home Alone” is her favorite Christmas movie. She’s hoping folks will enjoy spotting iconic details from the movie, like the 14 pizza boxes, Kevin’s treehouse and sled, Buzz’s pet tarantula, and a broken statue knocked down by cars. Check it out for yourself HERE.

Source: New York Post

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